Future admission

Student admission is closed for the current academic year. The next intake will be organized from April 2021 onward.

All applications will be submitted online.

Please note that the Master’s degree of Education in Mentoring is a full scholarship program. For the time being, it is open only to public teachers in active duty, with at least two years of teaching experience.

The number of places is strictly limited. Candidates will be selected on their pedagogical competences, their commitment to improve Cambodian school system, and their fluency in English. The exact format of the entrance exam will be communicated later on.

In the meanwhile, you can download the student selection process for the previous years, to get an idea of the requirements.

NOTE that the recruitment process is revised annually. Mentoring is an important and difficult mission. We try to find the most competent and dedicated teachers for the job. We must also adapt our strategy to the policy of the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports (MoEYS). Therefore, be aware that there might be some significant changes before April 2021.

Selection process 2019
Selection process 2020