Our logo

It was designed by the students of the first cohort in 2019.

Meaning of the logo

  1. The two people, red and blue on the left side form the M letter. They areMentor and Mentee working together.
  2. The Romduol Flower on the right side represents the honesty of people who work together and also the Cambodian nation.
  3. The circle made by 6 people represents the unity and the collaboration of all stakeholders in the school system.
  4. The magnifying glass is used to conduct research and get deep understanding.
  5. The feather pen (Slapaka) is used to take note when we think that the information is factual and reliable.  
  6. The Wi-Fi symbol represents the Industry 4.0, progress and a better communication between people. 
  7. The Notebook represents deep and continuous learning.

All in all, this logo conveys an idea of mutual assistance and good relationship. NGPRC aims to build a learning community based on trust.