Vision, Mission, Goals

Empowering educators with ethical and evidence-based practices

The main purpose of the New Generation Pedagogical Research Center (NGPRC) is to train mentors who will provide individualized support to teachers across the kingdom of Cambodia.

Most of these mentors are based in secondary schools, but some work in teacher training institutions such as the NIE (National Institute of Education) or TEC (Teacher training Colleges).

They provide technical, pedagogical and emotional support to teachers. Unlike coaches they don’t limit their action to short-term technical assistance, but engage in a more durable relationship with their mentees. Mentees and mentors work together on a regular basis to create a real learning community based on trust. They contribute to changing the school climate and learning through small, but constant improvements.

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Conducting pedagogical research

As its name indicates, the NGPRC conducts research on various pedagogical issues.  It creates resources for Cambodian teachers (in Khmer) and provide solid evidence to improve public policies in the field of education.

So far, the main research project of the Center is a longitudinal study to assess the effectiveness of mentoring and improve that practice. This will help provide policy guidelines on mentoring at the national level, as well as precious feedback to improve the syllabus and the practicum of the Center.

The NGPRC is also involved in research on digital education and remote learning, in order to advise the MoEYS on this strategical endeavor.

All mentors trained at the NGPRC receive a course in English about Research Methodology. This equips them with the necessary skills to improve their pedagogical knowledge and become autonomous learners. Another benefit of this course is to create a network of field researchers who can facilitate data collection for the Center and conduct action research of their own.

For more information, please consult the page on our current research program and the syllabus for the methodology stream.

Improving professional ethics in Cambodian public schools

Initially, the NGRPC was created to support the NGS program, who was running short of qualified teachers. I appeared that the most logical course of action was to train teachers.

Even though the NGPRC trains mentors for other public schools as well, it continues to endorse the policies and ethical guidelines of the NGS program, especially regarding child protection and illegal fees. Mentors from NGPRC contribute to create high level schools that are free from corruption, exhibit high standards of governance and promote the best practices that will prepare young people to work effectively in the 21st Century.

Creating a network of teacher trainers

The mentors from NGPRC also organize training workshops in the kingdom of Cambodia.