The NGPRC seeks to improve education in Cambodia by providing evidence-based recommendations.

Research on mentoring

The research endeavour starts with our own program. In order to improve our syllabus and the institutional framework of mentoring, the NGPRC has conducted a research among the mentors of the first cohort and all the relevant stakeholders in the New Generation Schools where they operate: school principals, teachers, parents and, last but not least, students.

The research was funded by the Asia Fundation, through the Ponlok Chomnes program.

The NGPRC was proud to present its findings during a policy talk organized by the Asia Fundation.

Additionally, the NGPRC conducts annually surveys among its students to refine the syllabus.

Ongoing research

Research on teaching practicum

This is a background study in order to guide a potential reform of the practicum in Teacher Training Institutions, especially the National Institute of Education (NIE) and the Teacher Education Colleges of Phnom Penh and Battambang (TEC-PP and TEC-B).

Since several attempts have been made during the past years conduct such reforms, it appears necessary to conduct a more comprehensive research, in order to understand the flaws of the practicums’ organization. More importantly, we need to determine the hidden factors that have escaped the attention of previous reformers.

The recent placement of mentors in key TTI (NIE, TEC-PP and TEC-B) offers a unique opportunity to conduct such research. These mentors have just received a comprehensive training on educational research and are interested in the outcome, because it will determine their future role in these institutions.

The potential outcomes of the research include the redaction of new regulations, of monitoring tools, as well as specific training of supervisors and trainers, depending on the needs we’ll discover.