Selection Process

BREAKING NEWS: The date of the entrance exam has been moved from 18 to 25 June.

Candidates for the Master’s degree can apply until 10 June 2022. The applications must be submitted online.

Applicants must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. At least three years of teaching experience
  2. A Bachelor’s Degree in the Liberal Arts or Sciences
  3. Certification from teacher training institution (PTTC,  RTTC, NIE, TEC)
  4. Avowed interest in pursuing a long-term career in education
  5. A strong commitment to empowering Cambodian youth
  6. Employment as a state teacher is required
  7. At least moderate to high proficiency in both spoken and written English
  8. Willingness to be posted to any school assigned by the MoEYS, where engaging in private classes during working hours is strictly prohibited
  9. Candidates must demonstrate strong ICT literacy skills and the ability to use a laptop.

When their application is accepted, candidates will be summoned to participate in an entrance exam, starting on 25 June 2022, at the National Institute of Education, Phnom-Penh.

To read the description and the calendar of the exam, please dowload the following document:

Note for the teachers who have already applied before:

The concept note is no longer required to apply to NGPRC.