Theses – Cohort 1

Please, note that some theses are written in Khmer.

Chea Chanponna – The Integration of Technology in Teaching English in the 21st Century Education: A Case Study at Preah Sisowath High School, New Generation School

Cheang Channak – Teacher Mentoring (TM) Is an Approach for Improving Teacher’s Performance

Cheng Pheary – Integrating Educational Game in Learning Mathematics at Lower Secondary School Level

Cheng Vichheka – Parental Engagement Regarding Children’s Character Education in the Digital Era

Chueng Pich – Perceptions Of Trainees, Trainers, And Director on The Effectiveness of Implementing Code of Teacher Professional Ethics In Cambodia: A Case Study at Phnom Penh Teacher Education College

Chheng Nareth – The Challenges of Teachers in Producing Lesson Video and Teaching Students by Using Those Videos as the Priority Tool in Distance Learning during Covid 19: A Case Study in A New Generation School

Horn Thavy – Teachers’ Perception on Mixed Ability English Class: A Case Study in Hun Sen Peamchikang High School

Im Leangsim – The Use of Geogebra Applications in Teaching and Learning Mathematics in High School

In Somphors – Teachers’ Perceptions on Using Project-Based Learning (Pjbl) Method in Science Subject in Preah Sisowath High School (NGS)

Man Samneang – Student Teachers’ Perceptions on Their Online Teaching Practicum: Case Study at Battambang Teacher Education College

Meun Sokai – The Student’s Perception toward the Use Of X-Reading to Study English on Internet: Case Study at Four New Generation Schools

Pang Bunnarith – The Use of the Scientific Method in Teaching Physics Effectively: A Case Study in Preah Sisowath High School – NGS

Soeng Kimseng – Moral Civics Teachers’ Perceptions of IBL, Case Study: NGS High School Korkpring

Try Kimhor – Using 5Es Instructional Model in Mathematics Teaching in Inequation Lesson

Ty Vuochnea – Teacher Collaboration in Professional Learning Community at New Generation School

Yean Bunleng – The Perception on the Use of English Cartoon Movies with Subtitles for EFL Students on Content Comprehension: A Case Study at Kuok Pring High School

Yoem Set – Teacher-Trainees’ Perception on the Teacher’s Use of Facebook: A Case Study of National Institute of Education