Master’s program

Master’s degree of Education in Mentoring

The main purpose of the program is to train mentors.

To this effect, the NGPRC delivers a course syllabus lasting approximatively 8 months, from early September to the end of April. This theoretical course is followed by a 3-month practicum at various High Schools in Phnom Penh. One specificity of our program is that it comprehends both a practicum and a thesis.

Therefore, the Master’s degree of Education in Mentoring is very intensive. The trainees are expected to study full-time. Attendance is mandatory from Monday to Friday, during office hours. Thesis and other assignements are usually done during the week-end.


The lessons are delivered in a modular format, each module corresponding to one credit. There are 29 modules to fulfil.

Students are also required to write a thesis for 9 credits.

The practicum represents 10 credits.

All in all, students must validate 53 credits to obtain their Master’s degree.


Please, also note that the Master’s degree program is a full scholarship program, open only to teachers working for public schools. For the other requirements to apply to the Master’s degree, please see the selection process.

This course is not to be confused with short courses on mentoring that might be delivered by the NGPRC for various institutions. The sort courses are tailored to suit the needs of these partner institutions and will be rewarded by a simple certificate that is not a Master’s degree.

For more information

The syllabus
The practicum guidelines
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Please note that our procedures are revised periodically.