The Concept note for application

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A concept note is meant to give an informed idea of the applicant’s areas of research interest in order to avail the necessary assistance for them to develop a full research proposal and allocate supervisors to give the necessary assistance. Applicants should therefore be as specific as possible. This guideline is intended to guide applicants on how to develop the concept note for research as part of the application process.

This concept note is the first step in the selection process to become a student of NGPRC. Candidates who provide a satisfactory work will be allowed to take the written exam. It is not your final decision about the thesis you’ll have to write by the end of the Master’s degree. You’ll have the opportunity to change the topic, if you are selected, after discussing with your supervisor.

Through your concept note, we will check your abilities along the following dimensions:

  • Perception of pedagogical problems
  • Intellectual curiosity and critical thinking
  • Autonomy

How to write it?

You might face some problems in your teaching so far or have some intellectual curiosity, which can be transfered to research topics. Through a scientific approach, you will be able to analyze the problems and find solutions to them.

The concept note must provide a general image of what kind of problem you want to investigate. This is more than a proposed research topic. It includes short background information on the topic, research problems, research objectives, research questions, and its significance. The proposed research must employ primary research (collect primary data).

Update: for the selection process of the third cohort (2020-2021), the concept note can be written in English or in Khmer.
However, it is reminded that a good level in English is a must for the Master’s degree program, since the students are requested to read a lot of reserch articles in English.

Your paper must be written in the following format:

1Research TopicThe topic must be a specific issue, interesting, researchable, and ethical10 to 20 words
2BackgroundWhat have you read that has had an impact on your thinking about the topic?100-200 words
3Research problemWhat is the gap in Knowledge? Why does this research need to be conducted?100-200 words
4Research ObjectivesWhat does the study try to achieve?1 to 5 sentences
5Research QuestionsFormulate the key questions which your study intends to explore.         1 to 5 questions
7ReferencesYou must provide the list of references (all works cited in the text). You should follow the American Psychological Association 6th edition style of referencing (APA). 

Plagiarism is a crime. If you copy somebody else’s works, your candidature will be rejected automatically.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

To submit your concept note

Please download and fill this document.
Then rename it like this:
yourname – concept note.docx (e.g. srou lihol – concept note.docx)

Finally, submit it with your application here.