Theses – Cohort 3

Please, note that some theses are written in Khmer.

Chheun Lin – Perceptions Of Teachers and Students on Implementing Inquiry-Based Learning of Chemistry Subject at Upper Secondary in New Generation School of Preah Sisowath High School

Ean Ratha – Distance Education during COVID-19 Pandemic at Komru Srok Sotnikum Primary School in Academic Year 2020-2021: Teacher’s and Student’s Voices on Challenges

Eang Chetra – Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions on Improving Students’ English Speaking Ability New Generation School at Hun Sen Peamchikang High School, Kampong Cham

Kap Nak – Teachers and Students Perception on the Use of ICT Simulation Software/Platform in Teaching and Learning “Universe Contents” in Earth Science Subject

Kon Veasna – Challenges and Strategies in Teaching English in Mixed Ability Classes

Kong Sokunthea – Teacher Leadership Perceived by Teacher Leaders: An Exploration at One New Generation School in Phnom Penh

Ngin Ngoeurn – The Challenges of Primary Teachers on Teaching English in Grade 4: Case Study in Cluster of Sandek Primary School

Nguon Sokmean – The Investigation of Teaching English Listening Skills as Perceived by Teachers in A New Normal Setting: Current Practices and Challenges at NGSs in Phnom Penh

Noch Sreyneang – Khmer Literature Teachers’ Perceptions on the Implementation of Cooperative Learning at the Upper Secondary in the New Generation School

Ray Choiy – The Instructors’ Perception on IBL Method Applied in Teaching Social Subjects at RTTC (Siem Reap)

Rin Chanthy – The Difference in Student’s Academic Performance in Grade One Between Children Who Enrolled Preschool with Those Who Did Not Enroll

Roem Sreyvai – Poor Academic Performance in Khmer Reading Skill Among SEVENTH Grade Students at Srok Secondary School

Ry Rathanak – The Challenges of Teaching Chemistry in Grade 8 Through STEM Education: A Case Study at Preah Sisowath High School

Sam Kimsan – Extensive Reading through the Use of Xreading Platform: Students’ Perceptions at Hun Sen Peam Chikang High School

Sambath Theareak – Mentee’s Perceptions of Mentoring Support Activities at the New Generation Schools in Cambodia

Sar Sophal – Teaching And Learning Writing in English: A Case Study In Grades 10 And 11 At Hun Sen Prasot High School

Sok Thoeurn – The Correlation Between the Quality of Mentoring Program and Teacher-Mentees’ Qualification, Satisfactions, and Heathy of Mentoring Relationships

Vot Chanveasna – The Challenges of English-Speaking Difficulties: Perspectives of The Teachers and Learners at Chea Sim Prek Anchanh High School

Yun Sinot – Teachers’ Perceptions toward the Integration of ICT Software into Physic Subject